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FREE Webinar Training Sessions

Register now for live, online training seminars being offered exclusively for LexisNexis TotalPatent®, PatentOptimizer™ and PatentAdvisor™ customers.

Sessions run from 30 to 60 minutes and include a presentation followed by Q&A.


TotalPatent Trainings


TotalPatent Basics (60 Minutes)

Effective search strategies for the occasional patent searcher and/or brand new user to TotalPatent. 


TotalPatent Advanced (60 minutes)

Effective search strategies for power researchers involved in sophisticated patent searching and/or analysis. 


TotalPatent Searching for Legal Assistants (30 Minutes)

This session will focus on the type of searches legal assistants might best utilize TotalPatent.

TotalPatent Analytics (30 Minutes)

This session is designed to highlight the analytics capabilities offered via TotalPatent.

TotalPatent for Patent Prosecutors (30 Minutes)

This session will focus on ways a patent prosecutor might best utilize TotalPatent.


PatentAdvisor Trainings


PatentAdvisor Basics (30 Minutes)

This session will take a deep dive into the PatDocSearch feature. Topics include using filters and leveraging the search to help with responses to office actions. 


Patent Advisor For Corporations (30 Minutes)

This session is designed for users in a corporate setting. Topics to be covered include conducting portfolio triage and quickly uncovering applications the need immediate attention, and effective ways to evaluate outside council.

Patent Advisor For Law Firms (30 Minutes)

This session is designed for users in a law firm setting. Topics to be covered include using examiner and art unit reports to set client expectations and strategies, and effective ways to use Patent Advisor for client development.


Patent Advisor Advanced (30 Minutes)

This advanced session will focus on utilizing portfolios to create alignment reports that help you see the big picture of a patent portfolio. It will also discuss how to use Prosecution Pattern Monitoring to stay up to date on patent applications of interest.

PatentOptimizer Trainings


PatentOptimizer Basics (60 minutes)

This session is designed to introduce users to the basic features of PatentOptimizer.


PatentOptimizer® for Litigators (30 Minutes)

This new tool offers sophisticated analytics capabilities that increase your chances of winning in patent litigation by enabling you to draft more effective and persuasive claim construction arguments,locate damaging section 112 anomalies and quickly detect and analyze prosecution errors subject to ready exploitation.


PatentOptimizer Thesaurus and Dictionary (30 minutes)

This session will focus on using the Thesaurus and Dictionary tools to easily find definitions and replace words in your document. Additionally learn how to create your own Dictionary within PatentOptimizer™.