The experienced UDI professionals at Reed Tech can help you evaluate your company's UDI needs and find the GUDID submission solution that fits your product portfolio best.

Develop and execute a winning UDI data management plan

The Reed Tech UDI Data Solution is available both as a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool and as a fully outsourced service,
depending on your needs and staff resources.
Submission support from dedicated Reed Tech Life Sciences staff
Seasoned submission partner with over a decade of SPL experience
Multi-Function Solution: Data Collection/Capture/Validation, SPL Preparation, Submission and Management
Dual Data Validation based on up-to-date FDA Business Rules and Industry Controlled Vocabularies
ISO 9001:2008-certified secure environment; System meets 21 CFR Part 11 technical requirements
Interface to existing systems: PLM, MDM, ERP, RA and more; Expandable to support submissions to regulatory authorities outside U.S.
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Meet UDI data submission mandates with confidence

Collect, capture, validate, convert, submit and maintain your medical device data using processes that ensure the accuracy and completeness of your UDI records to meet regulatory requirements.

“Our experience has been awesome. Reed Tech is a great go-to for all GUDID-related questions.”

- Current UDI customer, Dir. of Quality & Reg. Affairs at a midsize medical device labeler